Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Software Question

Well, my last question didn't get any answers, but I'm an optimist.  Maybe someone with some experience can help me with this one.

On a couple of my computers, I use OpenOffice because I only own MSW on one of them.  Now I run into go-oo and LibreOffice.  Are these better versions of OpenOffice?  Or are the two even going to remain distinct going forward?  I'd appreciate any light on deciding between these.  (I'd be running it on Windows PCs, by the way.)


  1. Libre Office and OpenOffice are compatible, but are going to remain distinct.

    OpenOffice is managed by Oracle. LibreOffice is managed by a non-profit organization. Many independent developers (meaning those that didn't work for Sun or Oracle) have switched from OpenOffice to LibreOffice.

    As I understand it, the code from go-oo is inside LibreOffice. I'll double-check that.

    I use LibreOffice on my Windows PC at home and it does everything I need. In fact, because I use Scribus (graphic layout) and Calibre (makes e-books), LibreOffice makes some of my projects easier.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Here is my understanding: go-oo was a set of patches to OpenOffice that people really wanted but weren't being implemented on the main program.

    Then Oracle bought Sun and the relationship between OpenOffice and the community quickly soured. The community forked the code producing LibreOffice. This LibreOffice has all the old go-oo patches installed. So the need for go-oo disappeared.

    LibreOffice still exists and is going forward. It's the default install for Ubuntu (what I use).

  3. Libre is an Open Office variant that was launched after Oracle bought Sun Systems. Many of the developers of OO were wary of what Oracle intended for the suite given Oracle's focus on database systems.

    I find Libre to be less buggy. The development community seems to be behind that project a bit more strongly than the original Open Office fork. That's just my personal opinion. I've never looked at go-oo.

    Several linux distributions have also shifted to Libre from OpenOffice. From my perspective, that indicates more trust in the future of Libre. Again, purely an opinion.

  4. LibreOffice is a better investment of your time, but I don't find it any more or less buggy than OpenOffice (although I'm sure that - going forward - it'll get more and better updates), although I believe it runs leaner.

    If you do install LibreOffice, make sure to keep it up to date or download the latest version periodically.

  5. Thanks for the help, everybody. I'm giving LibreOffice a try.

  6. Go-oo were patches created by Novell/SuSE, which many were rolled into LibreOffice. LibreOffice is developed by The Document Foundation and is completely free. OpenOffice is no longer developed by Oracle since version 3 as the Apache Foundation now develops it.
    My suggestion would be to use LibreOffice as more people use this version and many companies back it.