Monday, September 17, 2012

The Mini Maniac's Pathfinder Lodge

Hey all Jeremy here aka The Minis Maniac on I thought I would share a pictures of my gaming room dubbed "The Pathfinder Lodge" as well as a look into my Pathfinder Battles addiction. So here is a little view of my psychosis.

So enjoy the images. I know I look forward to the next Pathfinder Battles release. So much so I am already planning to buy a second glass display case for when the one I have becomes too full.

I will also add a small guide to the large merged photo:

  • Under Golarion map are what remains of the old DDM line of minis in 3 large tupperwares and the blue drawer case which is about 3.5 feet high all packed full of minis
  • Beside window next to desk are 5 large boxes of Dwarven Forge Terrain which I will someday dig out and do pictures of when I have the time and energy


  1. Holy crap. I thought MY mini collection was out of control. I can't stop drooling looking at this. Great room!

  2. FOOL! For you accidentally posted your location, and soon I will be there to loot your dungeon!

    Seriously, great room and great collection, Jeremy. Thanks a lot for sharing it with me and your fellow ramblers.

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