Monday, May 21, 2012

A Great Little Hole in the Wall in Falls Church

I haven't had a lot of free time during my DC trip -- there's been lots of in-laws, extended family members from out-of-the-country, appointments, and command performances.  I didn't really get to spend the time (or the money!) that I would have liked to at The Compleat Strategist (I think the Falls Church location is one of the smaller ones, but the guys there were friendly and it's definitely worth a visit), but between Mass and my next commitment, I stopped off at Hole in the Wall Books.  This comic shop and used bookstore takes up all of one-story blue house on Broad St.  It has an RPG selection, but I saw nothing I was particularly interested in.  From what I can tell, it is a must stop for comics and fantasy/science fiction readers.  In just the brief time I had to orient myself and scrounge around for the first time, I found two hard-to-find volumes I've been looking for (pictured above).  Committed bibliophiles should add this to their DC area itinerary, unless they suffer from claustrophobia.  I know this will be a part of my DC routine from now on.  

Advice: if you have allergies, take your medicine in plenty of time before you go.  They've been in business for thirty-four years, and many of their books have been in business even longer.  Also, wear clothes that you don't mind crawling around on the floor in.  The more time you have to sort through the house's packed contents, the more you are likely to find in its tome-filled,  labyrinthine corridors.

EDIT:  Zenopus sent me a nice list of places to check out during my visit.  I filed it away, thinking, "I have no extra time (or money) this visit and will try to plan for next time," and lo and behold, Hole in the Wall was not only very close to my brother-&-sister's-in-law place, it was also number 2 on Zenopus' list, which makes for a good endorsement.  Thanks for the email, Zenopus!

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  1. Barry Hughart. I managed to track down all three of the books in that series and love them. Really need to hunt for new copies as mine are now very battered and I'm scared to open them.