Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quoth the Raven: "Reynolds"

This weekend, I took Mrs. Obscure to see The Raven.  I was more entertained than she, who did not like the ending.  Since this is a piece of fiction reinterpreting radically a few facts from Poe's life and disregarding others, but allowing Poe's life to end the same way, she really could not have expected a happy ending.  Not to mention the fact that, well, this is a film about Edgar Allan Poe, even if it is a fictional Poe.  Happiness was not exactly one of this themes.

Hollywood continues to do decent by period pieces: the film captures a grimy 18th century, and I enjoyed the costuming and sets.  John Cusak looks good as Poe and does a bit of scenery chewing that seems fitting for the popular figure, if not the historical one -- but even then, there would seem to be at least some historical basis for the popular notions.

If you can accept creative license in the fictionalization of a historical figure, then you may enjoy this somewhat gory thriller/mystery/period piece.  I did.  I'm planning on grading movies from now on as if they were academic assignments: A+ to F.  I'd give The Raven a B.  If you enjoy Gothic imagery, I recommend it.  Also, the mystery has the benefit of not being overly obvious, as many film mysteries are.

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  1. 'the film captures a grimy 18th century'
    - You mean 19th century