Monday, June 18, 2012

Free RPG Day Haul

Oh free RPG day, how I love thee.
This Mythopoeic Monday will be spent in thine afterglow.
Soon I think thy map shall go up in splendor, over my desk.
Was it just me, or was this one of the better years?


  1. I remember the Harn ad in DRAGON, which showed a single square of the map. That was enough to sell me - still love that map after all these years.

  2. Don't forget to download the free Shadowsfall (from JBE) and Scarlet Sun PDFs.

  3. Thanks, Amby! You help keep the Obscure train informed and on track.

    And speaking of Free RPG Day again, a big thanks to everyone who participated. When I went back to Dragon's Lair this week, there were only two things left on the free table: copies of the 4e adventure and Cosmic Patrol Quickstart. I went ahead and picked up Cosmic Patrol.