Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drinking in Waterdeep

It might not be obvious how this belongs in Tomeful Tuesday, but I'm actually asking for help I'm not finding in the books I have -- or online, for that matter.

I had a one player game Saturday night due to some unfortunate circumstances with the other player, so there was lots of time for him to get to know Waterdeep.  (I'm having fun bringing my own versions of local NPCs to life.)  It's a dance of making stuff up and reinterpreting to suit myself and the game, but also wanting to have a sense for myself and the players of what the shared experience of Waterdeep is for gamers and readers.

Zzar is the margarita of Waterdeep, culturally speaking, says this Texan.  There's an accepted description of how it tastes: a dry white sparkling wine fortified with almond liqueur.  So I was surprised to not be able to find a description of how elverquisst -- the almost totemic elven wine in the Realms -- tastes.  How is that not in Volo's?  Or E.G. Presents the F.R.?  Or in the F.R. Wiki?  Are things elvish so ineffable?

Any setting sommeliers out there who can help a brother out?


  1. A Google search turns up the following from Elaine Cunningham's "Elfshadow" FR novel, which pretty much makes it canon:

    "a ruby-colored liquor magically distilled from sunshine and rare summer fruits. Utterly smooth, the liquor is nonetheless flecked with gold and has an iridescence of both COLOR and flavor. It is highly prized at all times, but in the autumn rituals it is savored as if it is the gift of one final, perfect summer day."

    Novel except can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/axrls6v

    No specific taste is given aside from "utterly smooth," but there's the assumption of fruit flavor and sunshine based on the description.

  2. Quite helpful, thanks, Michael! I remembered the mention in Elfshadow, but I thought it didn't describe the taste, so I didn't even bother to check. I see now I can make something out of these hints.