Sunday, February 17, 2013

New! Sunderday from Down Under!

by Dave Mallon
New Feature!  New Guest blogger!  Warriors, get more out of your shields!

You may have noticed Flash cxxi quietly added to the author roll this week.  He's another friend I made over the years thanks to the Paizo boards, and in particular, the [in]famous FaWTL threads (in Off Topic -- what could this mean?).  This thread has produced a publisher, authors, artists, an RPG SuperStar and RPGSS placers over the years -- not to mention innumerable laughs, curses, and brilliant ideas.  They've been a wonderful source of support and friendship to me, in-blog and off-blog.  Flash is the most recent in this fawesome line of Fawtlies to go from reader to contributor.  He will be offering a feature that focuses on shields, and he is the first contributor from outside the US: Australia, represent!  Tune in later today for his first post!  All hail IssacX!
by Hugo Solis


  1. Welcome to the blog, Flash! I look forward to seeing your shields.

  2. Glad to finally be a part of the Blog. I've been tossing up whether to put my hand up for a while and the time just seemed right. :)