Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ending a big week in my personal RPG acquisitions

Back when I had a subscription to Paizo's Pathfinder miniatures (and the discretionary income to support such a habit), a big week in acquisitions would have been the arrival of a giant box of minis, carried to me by a smiling blue (purple?) golem.  Those days may be gone forever, but this past week of Free RPG and Support your FLGS acquisitions were also joined by a larger than usual Paizo delivery and the coincidental delivery of a Kickstarter.  So...feast your eyes on more show-n-tell (that's what we called it in the old days, before everything became "porn") below!

From the top: Reign of Winter Monster Encounter Pack, #4 of the Mummy's Mask AP, City of Secrets #1, The Crusader Road, and Analog Games' Deck of Many Things.  A really nice haul, making for an inspiring week for future gaming!  I'm planning on reviewing recent items in future posts.  Also, have you noticed how much nicer my recent photographs are!?


  1. Nice score. I'm jealous of The Deck of Many Things. I missed that one.

  2. The pictures of the minis look great!