Thursday, June 26, 2014

Support Your Friendly Local Game Store

My old game store (such as it was) when I lived in the Metroplex was Lone Star Comics & Games.  The one nearest me was not big, but it was something: a store crammed with stock for its tiny size, with a friendly and fairly knowledgeable staff.  It was a welcoming, clean place and even had a free miniatures painting night that I always planned to join (but never did).  Today, Lone Star has no physical stores -- it's a web store.  I've also been in plenty of stores that were less than friendly, so I sympathize with those who have no store, or have a store that provides unpleasant experiences or poor selection.

With a quality store like Dragon's Lair in my area, providing me with Free RPG Day goodness, I'm aware of how important it is to keep a healthy physical store in my area.  Not only does it give out those lovely freebies, but it provides a community center for gamers and local services in a way that an online store cannot match.  Yes, we can almost always find a way to get our materials cheaper, but the place of the store for things like these must be supported.

So after I picked up what I blogged about yesterday, I went on to make some purchases.  Find them below.

Above are two copies of Pathfinder: City of Secrets #2, a pack of Reign of Winter minis, and some new purple dice to go with my new Crown Regal bag.

What have you, esteemed ramblers, picked up lately at your store?  Or do you have further thoughts on keeping the FLGS healthy?


  1. It's always cheaper for me to get my goods from overseas theses days, but I still pick up a fair amount of stuff from my FLGS. Over the years, I have pumped a fair amount of money through that store, so a few years ago when the owner decided to do a VIP Rewards Card, I was their choice for the "test" card. And so I am officially their #1 Customer (well Club Member #0001 to be precise).

  2. A rewards card seems like a good idea, and stores definitely need to be thinking of ways they can compete with online competition in ways other than pricing. Dragon's Lair in Austin does that, but not my store here in the S.A. area. Unfortunately, whenever I have asked them for a card, they've been out of them.

    It seems like price issues would be an even more difficult issue in Australia than it is here in the U.S.

  3. I recommend folks interested in this subject head on over and read this blog post: The OSR and you FLGS