Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Neglected Ancient Near Eastern Empire

The Hittites on the Smithsonian Channel

Just a short, quick post.  I recommend the above linked documentary that's been showing on the Smithsonian Channel (so much more reliable quality than another supposedly historical channel that will remain unnamed). The Near Eastern mythoi get pretty thoroughly covered, but the Hittites, one of the major players, have not traditionally gotten their due.  I especially find them interesting because they are an Indo-European people in a largely Semitic context--which seems to have had significant influence on them.


  1. Yes, the Hittites always get short shrift. And I do not get the Smithsonian Channel :/ (Although I do get the magazine). That double-headed eagle looks a lot like the old Russian Tsarist-era heraldic symbol:

    I wonder if the imagery traveled up the Black Sea area to the Rodina?

  2. CCMonkey: There's a reason it reminds you of the Russian eagle! The Hittites left the image behind, to be picked up by the Byzantines who centered their empire on the Anatolian peninsula, the former land of Hatti. The Russians, as well as the Germans, picked it up from the Byzantines.
    Hence it came to Theodric the Obscure.