Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Night Dune

Goodnight Dune Cover

I've got some great posts in the works, but I just ran across something that I have to share now.  (Thanks to Greyhawk Grognard!)

I'm a huge fan of Frank Herbert's original Dune books, and the movie and made-for-cable movies of them: Herbert was exposed directly to Jung's thought by students of Jung, instead of through Joseph Campbell, a la George Lucas, and he is greatly superior to Lucas as a mythopoet, for my money.  (Lucas may have created the space of my childhood imagination, but Herbert gave space back to my adult imagination as a young adult.)  Here's a fun take-off on Margaret Wise Brown's classic children's book, Good Night Moon, that pays tribute to Herbert's magnum opus:  Good Night Dune.


  1. Which reminds me, by the way, of this video:

  2. I wonder if I could get Good Night Dune in hardback. :D

  3. That was the best thing ever. I want to be able to read that to my kids.

  4. Sarah: iPad? Welcome aboard! You've got some great stuff going on with your fantasy-analogue Egypt. I look forward to seeing more.