Friday, September 30, 2011

Level Titles -or- I can't get no satisfaction...

From time to time, folks bring up how much they like or miss the old title names for the character levels.  I'm of two minds.  On the one hand, I like the economy of Cleric 3 or what have you on character sheets and in stat blocks, and the titles are not universally understood or equivalent.  But there is a fun potential in the idea of titles and it is suggestive of how skill level might be recognized and rewarded in society.  Unfortunately, I was not satisfied by the versions in my rule books.  I had been most annoyed by the cleric titles, but I had problems with some of the fighter and magic-user titles as well, and so I had been thinking and fiddling.  Then FrDave brought up the subject again, causing me to think I might as well through my two cents in.  Okay, it might be more than two cents -- I have suggested changes for all the classes except the thief.

PS Original D&D Experts: I had a question yesterday that I think many of you might have missed due to Blogger's continuing unreliability when it comes to scheduled postings.  I received one helpful answer, but I am curious if there are any others out there.  Thanks!


  1. Level Titles are surely tasty, but IMHO there are too ones of them and they fit only sometimes.

    For example, a Swashbuckler - technically a Musketeer - is way different from a Champion.

    IMHO there's no big difference between a 5th level MU and a 7th level MU to change the title, but with a bigger level gap it could make sense (and you could easily have more feasible level titles).

  2. Speaking of tasty, you've given me something to chew on. Thanks, Hamel.

  3. Well, glad to help. ^_^

    I've just said that because I am using them in my franken-clone, assigning them only at given levels.