Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Request to OD&D Gurus

I'm no expert in OD&D:  my original was Moldvay's Basic and old for me was first edition AD&D -- the D&D of my childhood into young adulthood.  But there was a website that seemed helpful to me in this regard, named Old Dungeons and Dragons Consolidated Rules.  The site is still up, but parts of it are no longer functional (I think basically from the Combat section on).  Attempts to contact the owner have not met with a response.  Anybody know anything more about this site?  Or does anyone have any other suggestions beyond the LBBs (can't afford them) or S&W (the closest clone, I take it, which already has my attention).  I of course find lots of informative blog posts out there, but I mean in the way of a helpful summary and reorganization of the rules, more than commentary and exploration.

Many Thanks!


  1. There is at least one good fan-edited version of D&D floating around that reorganizes it and makes it more easily readable. I will email you a link and you can decide if it fits the bill.

  2. Well, there are 2 different versions of a "re-edited" OD&D: a Greyharp/IlMale version and a Anon version.