Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pathfinding & Kingmaking Deep in the Heart of Texas

It's been a while since I've posted any Pathfinder RPG news, and here's a couple of items that I ran onto of late, both emanating from my glorious home state.  The first is on Obsidian Portal and is a page for the Pathfinder Society of Texas.  I am surprised that only Austin and DFW (congrats to Jon Carey for his recent appointment!) have Venture Captains, as the Houston area seems to be rich in great players, including some of our fellow Ramblers, in fact.  Case in point is Patrick W.  His blog Bugbears for Breakfast has lately featured his revisions of the Kingmaker reference sheet.  While I still haven't played the Kingmaker AP, from reading through it (and all the buzz in podcasts and online supports this) I believe this is the most successful AP to date, so I look forward to keeping up with Patrick's fine-tuning of the sheet for this innovative aspect of its play.

Illustration by Jon Hodgson