Friday, November 4, 2011

A Question About Forums

By: mzacha
I'm hoping my readers can help me with a little practical information.  With all the messageboards out there, which one has a forum with the lion's share of Labyrinth Lords and LL players?  Is it clearly that the forum for LL at Goblinoid Games is the one electronic watering hole where the crowd gathers?  Or are they split up at various places that are all rather active?  I'd really like some perspective on where the supporters of this retro-clone gather and what you feel the forums have to offer.  Comments very much appreciated.  (Or use email if you prefer.)  Thanks!

Awesome New Goblinoid Games' Logo.  Who's the artist?


  1. The Goblinoid Games forum is the only one I know of, unless maybe there's some action at Dragonsfoot. I don't hang out at DF at all, so I'm not sure.