Saturday, August 4, 2012

Concrete Inspiration for Characters

Character Creation Exercise

Grab four objects.  Arrange them together.  Suppose that they represent or even belong to a character.  Then flesh that character out.  

As I was clearing the shelves in my old office/library for its next regular occupant, I took the four above objects, put them on the shelf together, and snapped the picture above.  Whether you take the picture and set it aside for the future, or put the objects in front of you and begin brainstorming, I like this exercise for either RPG characters (and PC or NPC!) or fiction characters, and am working on a Pathfinder character that seems a real natural choice for these objects.

Have any of my esteemed readers used a method like this one?  I'd love to hear about how such an exercise went for you.  Does anyone regularly use an exercise like this one?  Or do you have a character to propose for the collection above?


  1. A ukulele playing judge out to avenge the death of his/her family at the hands of a man with a prominent brow?

  2. Not a one hundred percent match, but I'm thinking of El Mariachi right now...

  3. You could also use Rory's Story Cubes if you don't feel like rummaging around the house.