Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Mythopoeic Art Cornucopia!

Just in time for the season of Thanksgiving, I think it’s time for another fantasy art appreciation post.  In addition to enjoying the art in the products that you purchase, the internet has made it possible be to exposed to and enjoy more fantasy art than ever before -- good news for both artists and consumers of all kinds. And so, here are some artists I’ve been enjoying, featured on the sites below.

Paizo has become one of the great patrons of fantasy art, and has been often featured on this blog due to their generous fan policy.  Art director Sarah Robinson has started her own blog.  While it has not been updated in some time, maybe with a little encouragement she will give it more attention.

Check out the work of multiple awards-nominated Lucas Graciano. (Well, yes, he has  done some beautiful work for Paizo as well, like the cover of Artifacts & Legends  to the right. Another recent contributor has been Michal Ivan. From RPG to comic covers, one of my favorites right now is Erik Jones.  If you haven’t seen his gorgeous PF comic covers, check them out on his site.  

Just so you know I’m also digging people who are not doing work for Paizo, let me recommend Mike Nash, Graeme McCormack, and Sean Andrew Murphy.  Also, Lamentations of the Flame Princess  introduced me to the wonderful Cynthia Sheppard.  I've also been enjoying the work of Kim KincaidAnd thanks to Patrick Curtin for reminding me of Aaron Miller at a timely juncture.

Some illustrators band together, like a party of adventures.  Check out Shadowcore for one such illustrious fellowship and Muddy Colors for another. There's also a new online magazine for digital artists: The Round Tablet.

Finally, we do well to remember that art occurs in many mediums.  Daren Horley does a lot of work for films.  Sometimes, the art is wondrous even when the film as a whole is not, so look for inspiration in unexpected locations.  What eye candy have you been feeding your mythopoeic imaginations?  What artists do you think are not to be missed?  Let me know and maybe, just maybe, I'll get this Mythopoeic Monday feature back on track.

By the way, a big thanks to all my friends who are pitching in to keep the blog active, especially Mike Welham, Paizo's 2012 RPG SuperStar and his Friday Frights!  However, there are other friends active behind the scenes and I expect you will be seeing more new contributors in the days to come.


  1. I won't even snap on you for omitting Master of Devils since the sample you chose is pretty epic.

  2. Previously featured!

    I think that cover is the first work of Graciano's I ever saw. Since then, there has been A) an increase of his output, B) an increase in online availability of his output, C) an increase in my ability to find his output, or D) All of the Above. Whatever the answer, I'd been enjoying more of his work lately and thought he deserved top billing in this Cornucopia.