Monday, November 19, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Post 2012

The Turkey Golem just dropped this off for me at home as I hang out with the family and get ready for the holidays:

While I didn't have time to dig in and give MP ramblers a proper post, I couldn't pass up drawing attention to the OSR love given by Creative Director James Jacob in the frontispiece.  He mentions Lamentations of the Flame Princess which he picked up at GenCon and Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG which Rob McCreary is running in an in-office campaign.  In the past, love has been offered by Erik Mona to Swords & Wizardry.  I enjoy this kind of thing not just because of its inherent positivity, nor simply because it is an occasion where I see fellow RPGeeks sharing my own tastes, but because it illustrates that there is no impermeable old school/new school barrier on the side of designers any more than there is on the side of fans -- while recognizing that the fan/designer distinction generally is only one with occasion-specific meaning.  I hope everyone had a great Mythopoeic Monday and that my fellow Americans are looking forward to a fantastic Thanksgiving.

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