Saturday, November 17, 2012

Elizabeth Kobold-Ross


D.  This can't be happening!  Is today April 1?  No, their site's been hacked.  That's it.

A. @#$%^&*!  This is Fourth Edition's fault, isn't it?  DAMMIT!

B.  I'll buy two subscriptions this time -- no, three!  I'll give them to family and friends!  Just give me another year...

D. This is because I didn't renew my subscription fast enough.  I meant to, but we were between issues, and I was going to do it soon!  I'm a terrible person.  I should have written more reviews and highlighted KQ on the blog more often.  Now there's nothing I can do.  I want to crawl into a chaotic cave and never come out.

A.  Okay, I'm nowhere near acceptance.  I'm very sad that this excellent magazine is folding.  But I want to add my voice of thanks to Miranda Horner, Christina Stiles, Chris Bodan, Cathy Rundell, Crystal Frasier, Wade Rockett, Pierce Watters, Jeff Grubb, and everyone who ever contributed to the production and support of what had become my favorite magazine.   But above all to Wolfgang and his wife Shelly.  I hope the next stage for you two brings better things.

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