Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clockwork Gnome Tinkers for the Labyrinth Lord

My buddy Allen over at Clockwork Gnome Publishing just announced that he is expanding support in his Aerendal City setting product line from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to include Labyrinth Lord as well.  Good taste, Allen, and good news for LL fans.  Check it out, gamers.

And if you truly have the luck of the fae, creature maker Mike Welham's forth-coming bestiary in the CGP's Cogs line will also get Labyrinthized.  Though not featured on this blog before, Mike has been turning out creatures for KQ and Rite Publishing, and I'm proud to say is another one of my hail-fellow-internet-well-met chums.

Great work, guys!  I raise the last glass of La Fin du Monde to you!


  1. I managed to get in under the radar on this one!

  2. Under the radar, but not, ultimately, under the net! (Git it? Git it?)