Thursday, May 5, 2011

Development in Ygg

I've finally figured out that I can turn comments on for my Dungeon of Game-Mastery page (tab above), where I am developing the Ygg setting that was favored with some interest.  I've also added a "World of Ygg" label for blog posts, so that I between the two clicks, interested parties can go between the two and get the latest on what's happening with the setting.

It looks like there's enough interest that I'll run an online play-by-post set in Ygg sometime this summer.  I'll post a link to where that will be when the time comes for interested readers.  Also, I've decided to use the Core Rules of Swords & Wizardry for the game, so I will leave you with this badge of mystical membership.

I like that creepy magic-user.  He looks like someone who would understand this guy:
You may want to skip ahead to about 9:30 to set up for the relevant dream sequence.  Unfortunately, the video is a mirror-image.  :-(

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