Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Does a Gnome Tinker in the Faerie Wood?

The answer is YES!  (And apparently not just a gnome, but a badger and a puffin, too.  Sorry folks, private joke.)  Okay folks, I feel kind of stupid, but when I mentioned this product before, I somehow missed that not only were there three authors, but all three were pals of mine.  I blame the constant stream of medications I've been taking for the past couple of months. (And also Cosmo.)  Press release at the CGP site. 

So a big congratulations to Allen Taliesin, Mike Welham, AND CHRIS CORRELL!  Now Pathfinder players, go click buy, and Labyrinth Lord players, I hear the conversion for LL will be available in about a week or so.  More news as it develops.

Purchase Finwicket's Bestiary: Along the Faerie Path at Paizo.com..  Check out the free preview.