Friday, May 6, 2011

Nothing is More Important than Correctly Pronouncing Fantasic Words!

1 : an artificial being in Hebrew folklore endowed with life
2 : someone or something resembling a golem

The above are GO-lems.  
Not GOL-lums.  Not this guy:

If you can't hear the difference between the long O and the short O in English, please seek help.  If you can't be helped, please refer to them as "an artificial being from Jewish folklore popular in D&D games" and "Smeagol," respectively.  Stop stabbing my brain through my ears.

This rant was brought to you by the last podcast I listened to where one of the speakers kept calling the magical constructs, Gollums.  Have your own pet peeves about the mispronunciation of fantastic words?  Let us hear about them in the comments!


  1. "Paladin" does not rhyme with "Aladdin"
    The 'r' comes before the 'n' in "Labyrinth"
    "Nymph" does not have a 't' in it.

    "Paizo", however, does rhyme with "Orange".

  2. By the twitching of my thumbs,
    Something Shiny this way comes!

  3. Weird, my comment disappeared. Oh look, just like Facebook.

    So...I found out fairly recently I've been pronouncing wyvern and deity incorrectly. Deity is a little more debatable, though.

  4. Do tell! I'm *real* opinionated about "deity!"