Monday, August 1, 2011

Did You Really Wonder If There Would Be More Pre-Painted Minis?

Paizo and Wizkids have finally announced that their toe dip into the world of pre-painted plastic minis was so (gasp) successful (feign surprise) that they are coming out with a regular line, called Pathfinder Battles, starting with the Heroes & Monsters set at the end of 2011, to followed up six months later with Rise of the Runelords.  Yes, this means the preorders of the four-piece intro set, to release in October, must have been gonzo successful.  Well done, Paizo!  Huzzah Wizkids!
Press release here.  Preorder here.

I told myself I wouldn't cry... I love you guys!


  1. Very nice. I love seeing this type of product successful.

  2. Making the same mistake of blind packing them too, which all the role-players hated when WorC did it. Thanks Paizo ...

  3. Ahem... WotC, sorry.

  4. Josh & Christian: I'm right there with you. I thought I was through my withdrawal from miniatures, but I feel the itch again! I hope I can scheme a case for Christmas.

  5. Anonymous: I understand your frustration, as I am not a fan of the random, either. However, I think that Paizo and Wizkids are doing their best to provide a good product within the constraints they are presented with. There's a lot of information in the press release linked above, including comments directed at what Lisa Stevens knew would be an unpopular choice with many fans. Unfortunately, I don't think it was a choice between random and non-random, I think it was a choice between random and no minis. I add this to my list of frustrations I have to live with: the high price of gas, plastic toys costing a lot more than they did when I was a kid, the way WotC did 4th edition, OSR bloggers continuing to focus on negative things, etc.

  6. I have seen some good prepainted plastic figures, but these are pretty lame. I wouldn't put any but the dragon and giant on my table - I'd rather use a d6 than the other three and the gnome is almost revolting. They look like random cheap plastic anime figures like you see in videogame shops.

    Of course I'd rather see low-level monsters done because (1) you always need a lot so they need to be cheap, (2) you can cram many together without chipping paint or bending them, (3) they don't need to look great since it's a mob of them. You need high quality figures for PCs and high-level monsters for the opposite reasons.

    Instead of random packaging to get people to buy what would otherwise be unpopular models, how about making only the ones that focus-group as popular models and then package transparently? For the unpopular ones you can have cheaper opaque grab-bag sets of stuff like Flumphs, Xag-Ya and Xeg-Yi, and Gnome Leprechaun Weirdos. People will still buy them for a laugh sometimes. You protest such a dumb way of doing things by not buying them and sending complaint letters saying you'd gladly buy a thing if you get to see it first.