Monday, August 22, 2011

How much XP do I get for post 100?

Coming up on 7 months old, with 63 followers and over 17k page views, I now reach my 100th post (seriously, would it kill you people to comment?  ;-p ).  I had been wanting to do something special for my one hundredth post, but my brain has been too distracted by lots of practical life demands lately to come up with much of anything.  And then it struck, yesterday, when I least expected it: during mass.

I had to go to a neighboring parish so I could go in the evening instead of the morning, and I opened the service leaflet so that my eye fell directly on this:

XP for Men!  What was this advertisement for Experience Points!?  There's an RPG group at a local parish?  I had no idea why it would be male-only, but was dumbstruck at the thought.  At least it wasn't for kids.  Then my eyes continued down:

Ah.  Chi Rho = Christ.  Not XP.  I see.  So no Experience Points.  Listen, Fr. So-and-so, is Jesus your GM, or what?  Well, I better get some XP for post #100, is all I'm going to say.

Up late today: Mythopoeic Monday


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  2. Jesus is DM all about letting the dice fall where they may, I hear. Congratulations on the 100th post.

    In regard to comments (and I only speak for myself) while I'll comment on blogs of folks who don't comment on mine blog if moved to-- including folks that don't follow me or anything, I make more of an effort to comment on blogs of folks that stop by and give me a comment from time to time. There are a lot of blogs and a lot of good posts out there, but folks I feel a sense of community with get more of my attention.

  3. I'm torn. Einstein assures me that Jesus is a diceless DM.

    A good point, Trey. That was kind of a throwaway/shake the bush comment (but see how it increased your comment length, though?) :-)
    Thanks for advocating community.

    Mike? The archangel Mike?

  4. Yeah, we've decided to go modern. Gabe went all out and got some tats and piercings.

  5. Mike: Does Gabe really look like Tilda Swinton? Not sure how the tats and piercings are going to work out...

  6. Heavens, no! Gabe looks like Christopher Walken.

  7. Finally time to catch up on your blog. Belated congratulations on your 100th blog post. Also, I think its an opportune time to tell you I think your blog is really hitting its stride now. Keep the great stuff coming.