Friday, August 5, 2011

Master of Devils by Dave Gross

Cover by Lucas Graciano
Instead of wondering what my Gen Con correspondents are up to, I should be cleaning up parts of my blog, like the outdated book section at the bottom (does anybody look at that but me?).  When I do, I'm going to add the book that came on Monday, causing me to put down everything else I am reading: David Gross' newest addition to Paizo's Pathfinder Tales, set in their world of Golarion: Master of Devils.  I am really enjoying it.  In this installment, Master Varian Jeggare and his man Radovan have traveled to Golarion's Asian analogue.  (I point you to Gross' blog where he's been presenting a series on Asian cinema.)  The story quickly moves from seeming repetitions of their earlier adventures to weave the variations into contrasts and then goes on to take more risks than the earlier stories -- risks that are very fitting to the move from a western to an eastern inspired background.  I'm about half way or more through, and I'm confident that Gross is going to easily equal, and most likely outdo, his previous tales of the adventuring duo.  Also, I feel very vindicated in having Count Jeggare as my favorite.  I expect to hear some conciliatory remarks from the Jeggare haters out there.  If the words come hard, I will also accept Paizo gift certificates.



  1. (Author) Elaine Cunningham had much praise for Mr. Gross' new book too. Great minds, eh?

    Non-sequitur: Have you perused this before?

  2. Hey, there's a guy who doesn't tell me things. His name rhymes with Maris Grin Shaw.

  3. Thanks, Sarah: that's company I don't mind being in. :-)

    I am adding that to my Tabs for Future Perusal. How are you getting links in your comments?

  4. Links are in HTML, not BBCODE like the Paizo messageboard. Use something like this for your links in Blogger:

    <a href="">LINK DESCRIPTION</a>