Friday, August 12, 2011

ENnie Congratulations and Bragging

The ENnies (yes, I know some people hate them) are the most widely industry-recognized awards for excellence in role-playing games.  They issue awards in 22 categories, a gold and silver in each, according to fan votes on the nominees, and a few other special awards that are chosen by the judges.  I didn't place the maximum votes in each category, and I skipped a couple categories all together (I don't know what the hell people were thinking in the Best Cover category, in particular), but the big winners were Pathfinder (Paizo Publishing) and The Dresden Files RPG (Evil Hat Productions).  These two definitely deserved their spoils, in my opinion, and I'm always happy to see worthies win.  (I think my Paizo fanboydom is beyond disclosure at this point, but of the Dresden Files RPG I only have podcast and skimming experiences.  However, that was enough to make me confident that the voters, and me among them, were right.  People will probably throw rotten produce at me, but my only experience of the Dresden Files other than this is through the under-appreciated Sci-Fi channel series, and not the novels themselves.)  Another winner that deserves individual mention is Old School Hack.  Yeah!  (Goliath, meet David.)  Congratulations, folks, and keep up the good work!  Finally, I assume fellow Texan Reaper's charming Mousling miniatures are for playing Mouse Guard?  They earned my vote, too, though I anticipate next year going for WizKids new Pathfinder minis.

There were a few disappointments, especially that the Atomic Array podcast, which won gold last year, came away with nothing this year.  Clearly, the fact that the Paizo fans' votes were split three ways affected the outcome.  At least the excellent Chronicles: Pathfinder Podcast won silver.

Humor me, but the 2011 ENnies would not be complete for me if I didn't tabulate my voting record.  Out of 44 possible points, I will give myself 1 point for every time my vote exactly won, and half a point for when I voted gold and it got silver or vice versa.  My score: 20.  I think that's pretty good, considering the categories I felt like I simply couldn't (or in one case, wouldn't) vote in or the times I thought a second candidate didn't deserve to compete with my first choice.  (I wish I'd kept my records from last year for comparison, but I think my record was actually even better last year.)

If you're full of envy over my voting record, feast your schadenfreude upon my lousy record with the 2012 judges: I used all eight of my votes, and only one of my candidates made it among the elect five.  I'm toying with publishing my judges voting guide next year instead of just showing it to a few friends, for all the good that will do.

So, yay ENnie winners, and yay me!  I hope more OSR and indie folks will continue to put themselves in the running and not get discouraged.  Competing against large professional companies and their legions of fans and coming away with any recognition is a big achievement and deserving of celebration.

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