Thursday, December 8, 2011

Linkography Renovations

by pennywise
 Keeping up with my own blog is one challenge; keeping up with everybody else's is another.  Those meet in my subscriptions (see Complete [sic]  Profile) and in my links widget.  I knew my subs were a bit of a mess, and that I wanted my links offerings to be something more in ways that the sidebar and widget would not accommodate.  So I set out to go through the blogs that I have been trying to keep up with, and the sites that I use for specific purposes, and organize them into something helpful and commendatory.  I was pretty strict with myself, listing sites that are newer to me or that I haven't been turning to as much in a document that I would return to reevaluate for addition.  I'm sure it isn't perfect: I kept finding blogs that I thought I was subscribed to that I wasn't, or remembering a site that had slipped my mind.  I have yet to go through my bookmarks (they are even more a mess), so I view it as a sketch of my habits and judgment and a work-in-progress, but I am hoping that it will be more useful than the side widget I have consigned to the ether.  There seem to me two purposes that this fills: 1. The possibility of introducing folks to worthy sites, and 2. provided additional context for interested readers.  Naturally, as sites change and I change, it will change.

The result is a new page called Linkography, accessible in the far right tab at the top of the page.  I hope that this is more helpful and interesting than the widget, although I regret that there is now an extra step to access it and it may be less visible.


  1. Thanks for the link back to Eternal Keep.

    I've been going through house cleaning myself :)

    Now if I can just get time to finish the other news sites I'll be very happy.

    I'll feature this post and link page on Classic Realms of Adventure zine-lot's of goodness here. :)

  2. Sweet!
    You're one of those people that completely confuses me, ADD Grog! "Wait, this TOO is HIS blog?" ;-P

  3. I've been told I'm a machine. :)

    Have you been to Darkness over Dunwich yet? I've been dying to start an HP Lovecraft blog and after buying ARKHAM HORROR and all the expansions I figured it was time.

    But I'm cutting back. I never had any time to game so I'm cleaning up my news sites and keeping a small handful running while I 'park' the rest for a bit.

    Foraken Souls will stay updated as I whip that beast into shape.

    Classic Realms of Adventure is to cover all the corners that sometimes get missed along with general game news and things that might be of interest to gamers. It's also where I do release news and post links to my projects.

    ADD Grognard will continue to be for reflection and commentary.

    Darkness over Dunwich will cover HPL and non-CoC related games.

    That just leaves the news blogs and I do them as a way of giving back to the community. I started Eternal Keep just as a lazy man's news reader and it caught on. Then I hit the ceiling on how many blogs I could cover and that's how the rest happened. I just have to get the rest of them listed :)

  4. Heh. I'll keep an eye out as you retool. I've certainly found lots of good stuff thanks to EK.