Monday, December 5, 2011

O Dyson Logos, Where Art Thou?

There are a lot of great bloggers out there if you are interested in old school fantasy role-play gaming.  One of them is Dyson Logos' A Character for Every Game (linked above).  In particular, his maps are beautiful and useful, and I looked forward to his e-zine, Dyson's Delve.  Dyson went silent back in September and I have no clue why.  Consider this post an appreciation of his work, an agitation for his return, and best wishes for his well-being.


  1. I've been wondering(and worrying a little) about Dyson as well. He was an extremely regular poster, usually at least daily, and disappearance was very sudden.

    Here's to hoping that he's alright, and just not posting for some reason.

  2. I've been wondering about Dyson and a bit worried. Hope all is well with him. I miss him winning every contest he entered.

  3. I'll join in your well-wishes, as well as wishes for his return. His map-work was amazing, and I would credit him (at least in part) for the revival of the Dungeon Geomorph.

    I just realized I'm using past-tense and I neither should nor mean to do so.

    I can't believe that SOMEONE out there can't tell us where Dyson's at or what he's up to. Surely one of his players is out there perusing the internets?