Friday, December 9, 2011

Final Heroes & Monsters Reveal

Well, on today's Paizo blog, the last of the Heroes & Monsters set has been previewed, bringing us to the total 40.  This link will take you to all the blog posts, with the most recent first.  I love that they have kept us so informed about the entire process (this kind of report is pure Paizo, by the way).  My only complaint is the recent preview pics have been on the stinky small side, which makes it hard to get an impression of the minis being previewed.  Another thing to love is having four different purchase levels, which seems as smart as can be.  (Again, pure Paizo.)  Seeing how the iconic minis for the Beginner Box set turned out, I'm very excited to see Heroes and Monsters.  Also, these are high on my Christmas wishlist...just sayin'.

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