Monday, April 9, 2012

What would you get with $10 of DriveThruRPG?

It's not just a hypothetical question.  It's one that the Idle Red Hands recently made me come to grips with.  I've mentioned the podcast in my Listening feature before, and now I've added them to my regular podcast rotation and have been enjoying them a lot -- in spite of the fact that the first episode I tried didn't please me.  They were having a Leave Us a Comment for a chance to win $10 on DriveThruRPG Contest, and of course I thought, "Fact chance, me leaving a somewhat gripey comment."  But while those fellows may have red hands, they have a relatively clean conscience, because they let the dice lay where they fell and rewarded my Obscure person with $10 on DriveThru.  Sweet!

Oh the dilemma!  Which purchases from my wishlist to choose?  I finally went with these:
  1. Finwicket's Bestiary: Along the Faerie Path from the Clockwork Gnome
  2. "Create a Religion in your Spare Time for Fun and Profit" by M.A.R. Barker
  3. Sutra Magic (from Rite Publishing's Jade Oath)
Yeah, good stuff.  A balancing act between Pathfinder stuff, Old School stuff, and the stretching of the gaming dollar that turned out well.  Thanks again, Idle Red Hands!

Check out their series on Warriors or Pantheons, my two current favorites, or follow your own interests (I'd skip the OSR episode, though, since it is really about the failings of one particular game.  Perhaps it will save you money, though).  There are nice nuggets tucked away even in the episodes I was less interested in, and the crew sounds like a good group of guys one can easily imagine hanging out and gaming with.  I hope you'll give them a try, leave them feedback, and tell them who sent you.

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