Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Chilly Sunderday!

Welcome once more to your short respite from the sanity warping awesome of Mike’s Frightful Menagerie of Beasties!
Of the three Shield Walls I have left to do, I thought about doing one of the big bad boys today, but due to a sudden change of weather here (letting us know that Autumn has well and truly begun) I thought I’d instead give you this one and save the others for a double sized finale next week.

So today I have a simpler Shield Wall for you, and one which most of you probably wouldn’t have even considered as part of the family. While it is still a little expensive, it’s the cheapest of the Shield Walls and so is a bit more accessible to your characters.

Shield Wall
These shields come in many different varieties, one of which is described below.
All Walls brought into creation by a Shield Wall can only be formed vertically and cannot be moved or pushed in any way.
To create a Wall, the bearer must place the shield in front of herself at the midpoint of where she wants the Wall to be formed. The Wall then comes into being from a point touching the facing edge of the shield. A Wall always lasts for 1 round per Caster Level and cannot be dismissed early. Each Wall ability can be used three times per day, although any other abilities the Shield may possess are always active. Unless stated in the Description, they require a Standard Action to activate.
A new Wall cannot be brought into existence until any previous Wall has expired.

Storm Shield
Aura Moderate Evocation; CL 5th
Slot shield; Price 32,109gp; Weight 3 lb.
This +1 Light Steel Quickdraw Shield feels much lighter than it should and makes the wielder's arm hairs stand on end, as if charged with static electricity. It can create a wind wall as per the spell.
Once per day it can also be used to remove the deafened condition from the wielder. Finally, it grants its bearer Electricity Resistance 5. The shield must be held for this ability to be active, although being strapped to the bearer’s back does count as being held.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, remove blindness/deafness, resist energy, wind wall; Cost 19,054gp, 5sp

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