Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review of Pathfinder Battles Miniatures

I have been an avid minis collector for about 10 years now. Mostly I have focused on the DDM line of minis for RPG use. I was always frustrated with the distribution of those minis, the things I would use the most of such as goblins, orcs, skeletons, etc.. were always hard to get. Plus there was always an excess of odd miniatures that I would never use in game. Needless to say when the DDM line was at an end I was heartbroken. Sure, by that point I literally had thousands of miniatures, but it also meant I couldn't look forward to those missing monsters from the Monster Manuals being given the miniature treatment. Then came Pathfinder minis.

Now when they first announced the pathfinder minis line I was hesitantly excited. It was a new line of minis, but I also had to know if it would be the same scale as all my previous minis and I needed reassurance about the quality. But when my cases finally arrived all those trepidations were dispelled. First thing I noticed was the quality paint job, these minis were exceptionally well painted, I especially noticed the time taken on faces and fine details. Further, the accidental blotches of paint were also absent. For a mass-produced minis line, the quality was a cut above anything I had seen previously. Secondly, the distribution of most used minis had been fixed: I got many many goblins skeletons and zombies, where before I would need to buy singles later on. The third thing I noticed was the superior plastic used in these minis. Often times with the DDM line, plastic bases would fold up or weapons were so flimsy they would fold over, but with the Pathfinder minis being made of a more rigid plastic, that problem doesn't exist. After my first foray into the Pathfinder minis line, I look forward to their future offerings with keen interest. For me the future of minis collecting has brightened considerably, and for those who may have just started collecting, this line helps you get what you need quickly. This minis maniac is completely won over and hopes all of you will give the new Pathfinder minis a look.


  1. I'm also a minis nut (lead, plastic, you name it), so its good to hear that these are up to par. I had high hopes, and I'm especially glad to hear that they are using a harder plastic - no more bendy spears!
    My only beef with Pathfinder is the look of their goblins - I know they are popular but they just seem a bit too cartoony (maybe its years of being brainwashed by Games Workshop, I don't know).

    1. I felt the same way as you on the goblins, but over the years they have really grown on me. But as things go yes the more rigid plastic is a definite improvement. I hope you manage to get your hands on some before they're gone.

  2. Jeremy MC: Great job on the review! Since I am still waiting on my monthly sub shipment (blast you, Seattle White Out!), I've really been looking forward to hearing from you, and adding your review to the perspectives that have been coming out on the WWW.

    Vitor: Welcome to MR! Thanks for the comments!

    Listen, folks, get Heroes & Monsters while you can! WizKids has announced that they are ALREADY SOLD OUT!!!

  3. Hope everyone gets the minis they need!! But not to worry previews for the next set currently slated for June start tomorrow. That is unless the Seattle Snowpacolypse prevents the blog post.