Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Required Reading: Planet Stories

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I have mentioned Planet Stories in the past on this blog.  Let me not beat around the launch pad.  If you are a reader of this blog, then I say to you that Paizo's PLANET STORIES  line is a must for you.  Just to be sure I am right, consult the check list below.
  • I love mythopoesis in good, fast-paced story-telling.
  • I know what Appendix N is.
  • I love classic Science Fiction or Fantasy.
  • I need to learn more about classic Science Fiction or Fantasy.
  • I wish I'd lived back in the good old days of pulp.
  • I want more inspirational reading to fuel my fantasy or sci-fi gaming.
  • I partake of the written word.
  • I like pretty pictures.
If you answered yes to any one of these, PS is for you.  If you answered yes to more than one, then what are you waiting for!?  Whether you support the line with a subscription (my fond wish is for a flood of subscribers to keep this literature in print) or merely pick and choose some from the line, you won't be sorry.  I will be happy to add my advice to any of the discussions or reviews of the books, it if will help your selection.  Just published is the third Robert Silverberg collection in a row.  I loved the first two, and so far am loving the newest one.  (Even if you aren't particularly a fan of his later big novels, you may prefer these earlier tales.  I know I fall in this category.)  Honestly, there is hardly a stinker in this line of page-turners, and many are imaginative rip-roarers of the highest level.  For example, if you haven't read the female pioneers C. L. Moore and Leigh Brackett, then you might think they are merely historical must-reads, when these are gems of the genre, not to be missed.  Abraham Merritt and Manly Wade Wellman are some of my other favorites among the PS authors.  I hope you will give the series a look, or treat yourself if you have been holding back.  Let's make today a truly Tomeful Tuesday!

By the way, if you are heading over the Paizo website to check out Planet Stories and you are a gamer, you might stop by and read the organization entries for RPG SuperStar 2012 and vote for your favorite.

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  1. great recommendation, I will have to get a couple!