Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Pathfinder Resources

Yeah, Valeros, I'm kind of creeped out too...but the module looks awesome!

I've blogged previously about PFRPG resources that can be found online.  (See also the essential online tools on my Free Gaming page by clicking and scrolling down the Pathfinder section.)  I've put together some more sites that have caught my attention or that I drew from the brains of my secret PF advisory board.

If, like me, you are attracted to the classic Ravenloft setting, whether to mash it with Pathfinder's Ustalav or just convert it to Pathfinder, here are two links you don't want to miss:
Pathfinder in Ravenloft ("Mistfinder")
Thread about the Tarokka and Harrow decks with Wes Schneider

For a crunch heavy game like Pathfinder, many of us like to use software to help speed things up.  These have that magic word attached to them: FREE!
HeroLab's free Beginner Box download -- easy-to-use and really impressive!
Combat Manager -- I haven't had a chance to test it yet, but it was recommended to me by a friend and fellow Rambler and it looks promising.

Like the idea of spell cards?  Try Perram's Spellbook.  Looking for a new podcast to support your play in your off-hours?  Give Gamer's Guide to Pathfinder a listen.  For the more visually oriented among us, there is a new fanart blog called Golarion Carrion.

You might presume that the majority of the free downloads at the Paizo store are for Pathfinder, but there are plenty of downloads for other games as well.  There is a ton of good stuff shared on the Paizo boards, and you can spend a lot of time searching for threads where people are sharing their creativity.  One PF fan who has impressed me over the years as having an imagination congenial to my own is Set, who has gathered some of his creations on his website, here.  Finally, the Kobold Quarterly blog is a great site to watch for PF content (although, note, it is not Open Content).

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