Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Exaltation of the Flame Princess

James Edward Raggi IV has been appearing in another round of podcasts lately, hawking his Lamentations of the Flame Princess WFRPG: Grindhouse Edition.  This was a sign to us of what was to come.  It is clear to me that, instead of blowing all his profits from Lamentations on his rock-and-roll lifestyle as I'm sure we all assumed he had, he was actually playing the long game, bribing his way onto the Adventure Time special Valentine's Day episode. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I won't spoil too much: in "Incendium," the Flame Princess (spoilers at link) threatens to displace Princess Bubblegum as Finn's love interest.

Very devious way to insinuate your game into the American market and get around all the not-for-the-kiddies issues, JERIV.  Happy Valentine's Day, you filthy animal.

Also, check out Randomistics' fan art.


  1. Pincess Bubblegum is too old. They blew it on that, and this is a bandage. I'll be interested to see what transpires with the whole 'evil' princess thing. And will bubblegum get jealous?

  2. You know, I was really rather surprised when Peebles went back to being 16 (or however old she is) in the episode with Lemongrab. I mean, it made sense in the context of the episode...okay, lemme start over.

    I should say that I was surprised that that happened. I really thought that there'd be more development of P.B.'s and Finn's relationship as 13-year-olds, but then...no, not so much. It's interesting, and I am eager to find out how the whole Princess of the Fire Kingdom thing goes.

    Susan has no gills, by the way. That's obvious.

  3. I think she's cute, i'de like to see her in future episodes.

  4. I wonder whats going to happen =/ sounds like a complicated relationship....1. finn gets hurt just by touching her, hows that gonna work? 2. fb is too old for finn =/ and since its a kid show it would be too creepy hm..

  5. So, we've seen the second episode with the Flame Princess. As Anon. said, a complicated relationship! I'm surprised by the depth in AT. Just in case clarification is needed: Flame Princess is Finn's age. She is introduced because Finn is moping about PB (Bubblegum) who is keeping the boundaries clearly defined between them because she is too old for Finn. I wonder how far they are going to track Finn's relationship struggles. It seems to me that the rule of TV is that if the main character hooks up in a permanent romantic relationship, it's the kiss of death to the story line. I'm guessing it will be allowed to fade into the background for a while, and then it can recur across Finn's adventures. Remember what Jake said: What's more important? Being a hero or chasing after a girl? Finn may have swallowed as he answered, but answer he did.

  6. I don't think FP is going to be in it anymore. But i would like her too, dude it was only two episodes. I think her and finn should be together