Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grimm's "Tarantella"

Sexy Spinnetod
Played by Amy Aker
You've seen my posts on the spider-woman, so you know I was happy to see that the latest episode of NBC's Grimm (S1E11) includes a new monstrous shape-shifter, called the spinnetod, in a way that fits the folk source material.  I worry that the show feels like it might be stalling a bit, but thrilled to see this addition to Grimm's stable of Wesen.


  1. Interesting, Theo. I've been meaning to jump onto the Grimm bandwagon. The timing of this episode is interesting, considering Kevin Andrew Murphey's latest web fiction at

  2. Paris: I have done what must be done.

    Don't get your hopes too high, but it's been since Crusoe (only lasted half the season -- bad network!) and Legend of the Seeker that network television has had two shows on that I'd watch. Grimm started out in the lead for me, but Once Upon a Time has taken over. I'm curious to see if they will hold up, and certainly hope they will.