Monday, February 27, 2012

Art Fuel for Mythopoesis in Big D

Readers of this blog know that find art a major source of inspiration for the sub-creation of secondary worlds.  There are two local opportunities I want to highlight for locals or folks who will be visiting the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex during the upcoming months.

The first is a SMU Meadows Museum exhibit of 15th century Portuguese tapestries featuring scenes from the Bible, mythology, and a Portuguese conquest of North Africa.

The second is a photography exhibit at the Trammell Crow Collection of Asian Art of Shinto shrines.

I'll be hitting these in the coming months, and will update on what I find at these exhibits to fuel the mythopoet within.

Now for some art inspiration that you don't have to leave your computer for!  Here is an artist that may be new to you if you are unfamiliar with past volumes of the Pathfinder AP, Planet Stories, or Victoriana, check out the line art of Sara Otterstätter.

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