Friday, February 24, 2012


The dice have spoken!  Thanks to everyone who joined the blog or commented.  The people listed at the bottom of the post have won!  Please send me an email (see my Profile to the right) and let me know what books you are interested in order, and I will do my best to get everyone something that they would rather have (but no promises as to any particular book!).  The sooner you respond, the better your chances.  You have until Sunday night to reply, otherwise, I will have to roll again on Monday to replace you.  I'm curious to see what people choose!

  1. Snikle/Matt Johnson
  2. Bob
  3. Gozuja
  4. FaWTLycouple
  5. David
  6. Mike
    EDIT: Please include your postal address in your email!


  1. The books are in the mail!

    Everyone who had preferences got their first choice. We had one winner who forfeited in spite of all attempts to contact, so one lucky contestant will get two books instead of one, according to the way choices fell out.