Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gary's Gord the Rogue Books

I recently finished the first six Gord books for the first time.  With a couple of complaints, I have enjoyed them, and they have probably done more to fire my interest in the Greyhawk setting than anything other than Anna B. Meyer's maps.  In the case of the books, it made more interested in the Free City of Greyhawk than any other locale.  It's a shame that only the first two books got Elmore covers (although, that is not how Gord should look next to Deirdre Longhand, the cavalier from Hardby) and that the final five books got stuck with those poor quality illustrations.

The picture above shows the preferred reading order that I have arrived at.  Now, should I acquire and read the seventh and final book?  Or, knowing the destiny or Greyhawk and the reason for that destiny, am I happier leaving well enough alone and stopping with book six?

I know my readers know a LOT more about Greyhawk than I do (going back to an embarrassing episode with my very first AD&D character), so I am curious to hear any specific advice or reactions that you have for me about the books, or about the setting of Greyhawk in general.


  1. Thanks for posting this - I was pretty sure I was missing one but could never quite put my finger on it. Now I see - Come Endless Darkness is the one I'm short.

    I recently started re reading these for the first time in (yeesh...20 years?). One thing I noticed - the whole bit with the Shafdow Plane in Artifact, or Saga (can't recall immediately) jumped right out as source for the 4E Shadowfell supplement, which was neat.
    I still don't quite have a handle on the reading order though.

  2. Right on, BG. Gary's Plane of Shadow ranks up there with Zelazny's in my book. I was really impressed -- I'm tired of seeing the Plane of Shadow as yet another undead plane/negative energy plane warm-over.

  3. I absolutely loved the Gord the Rogue series! Not only was it entertaining but it offered a glimpse into how Gary saw the game and how he thought adventures should unfold.

    Honestly though, I found the last two books to be a great disappointment. I'll leave off specifics so as to avoid spoilers, but imo the last two books could be left unread.

  4. Thanks, Old Guy. I didn't particularly find /Come Endless Darkness/ a disappointment myself, although it wouldn't be my favorite. But I will count you as strongly in the No column for reading the final book!