Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mail Call!

I was pretty busy yesterday, so today I get around to the mail and, lo and behold, it was a great day for mail, thanks to Paizo and New Big Dragon: a veritable Oriental Postal Adventure!  (Goodies pictured above.)  Thanks go especially to New Big Dragon, since his was an act of pure generosity.  And check out that attention to detail on the envelope.  You've got to respect that.  Of course, now I wish I had a logo for my blog so it could be put on cool stuff like buttons and envelopes and such.

Thanks to the latest Ramblers for following the blog.  Reminder: there is only one day left to enter the contest for a free fantasy paperback.  I hope you all are having a good end of February and a good Year of the Dragon so far.  Here, the winter is disappointingly mild.


  1. Glad you likes! Sorry they went out a bit later than I expected but they should be in most everybody's hands by now. Thanks for the shout out!