Monday, January 23, 2012

Locating Pathfinder Resources

I've got a lot of family stuff going on right now, so Mythopoeic Monday will have to rely on the kindness of...well, not complete strangers, at least!  While the Paizo website is the best place to search for resources (both free items in the store and fan support on the forums), I've run across a few items I'd like to highlight and link around the web.

If you are a fan of PFRPG and looking for a go-to-guy to give you reviews and advice, you'd be hard put to find someone better than Ontario gamer Steel Wind.  (Seriously, he's obviously a wuxia hero with that monkier, am I right?) He's one of the hosts of Chronicles: Pathfinder Podcast and has been hired to be the Pathfinder correspondent on EN World.  I find him charmingly irascible and ludaciously wise.  Check EN World for his regular reviews of Pathfinder products.

On the other hand, if you, like me, are kind of strung out for Pathfinder-related podcasting (seriously, Chronicles, this is too long between episodes.  I hope all is well.), then you need to give Know Direction another listen.  Clearly, they have been working hard to improve the show, and it has paid off.  I don't know how much of the credit goes to Ryan Costello, Jr, and how much goes to Perram, who has joined him as regular co-host, but well done, guys.

Friend of the blog, Obscure pal, and up-and-coming freelancer Paris Crenshaw has just released a cool write-up of Demonblood on his website.  He takes the idea from Robin Laws' PF novel The Worldwound Gambit, and I plan to give it a try in a game one of these days.  It's an example of how mechanics, world-building, and plot hooks should ideally go together.  Thanks, Paris!

Paris and I have in common playing Pathfinder with kids (he with twin daughters, me with nephews a few years older), and we always pick up on others playing with their kids.  If you are interested in hearing more about role-playing with your spawn, Justin Achilli has us both beat by many years: check out his post (with video) of him playing with his preschooler.  Precious!

If you are not finding the gaming materials for Pathfinder that you want, maybe you only have yourself to blame.  Clockwork Gnome has started its Kickstarter for Sailing the Starlit Sea.  Don't miss this chance to influence the crafting of a quality product supporting fantasy gaming in space.

Finally, here's a shout-out for a site that is new to me and that would help one find a PF game or a game of any number of editions of D&D in the metroplex: DFW Roleplayers.  May all looking find the right gaming connection for them!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Theo! I'm glad you like the demonblood write-up. You'll have to let me know how your players react to having it in your games.

    I enjoy your blog and am glad you take the time to share the inspiring and interesting things you find. Keep up the good work!

  2. Paris, you're certainly welcome. I do not see using it any time on the horizon, as I have not games planned that aren't with my nephews. Alas. But I have been thinking about ways I might use for when opportunity arises.

    Thanks for the encouragement!