Saturday, July 7, 2012

PaizoCon 2012 Banquet Stuff II

Jason Bulmahn showed off Ultimate Equipment. It's the "one-stop shopping source" for gear for your character, with some new equipment added to the book as well. The book includes magical arms and armor from previous sources, plus the same amount of new content. There's a rings/rods/staves section, and a wondrous item section (organized by slot). It has a section of artifacts, cursed items, and statted out intelligent items. Finally, we've got an appendix! Who doesn't love appendices? OK, who likes the return of treasure types?? (only the treasure scales up by type in PFRPG) Still more to come...


  1. Great work, Mike, keep 'em coming. Any indication what % of the book is new material and what % is collection?

  2. It sounds like many sections will have half new material.