Monday, July 23, 2012

Grognards and Kobolds

My 2012 Economic Growth Program has resulted in my return to certain things I once enjoyed, like a KQ subscription.  (How sweet it is!)  So you will soon be hearing me talk about the religion articles in issue 21, but for now, I want to point out the growing connections between the Old School community and this excellent periodical.

If you find yourself a gamer who does not like 3rd and 4th era mechanics or new school RPGs like Dragon Age, you might question what KQ would offer you other than flavor material and inspiration.  The most recent issue shows that the magazine is open to Old School submissions as it continues to live out its polity of the "Switzerland of the Edition Wars."  Issue 22 includes nine monsters for Castles and Crusades.   It also contains a preview of another attempt to streamline the d20 system, undertaken by a mix of former TSR/Wizards designers, 13th Age.  If I were a gambling man, I'd take good odds on that the reason we haven't seen more reflects the submissions that Wolfgang Baur has [not] received.

KQ has also published on their blog an appreciation of the OSR written by long time D&D freelancer Steve Winter, who has also added an OSR Resources page to his blog.  (I recommend both of these blogs no matter what FRPG you play.  For that matter, writers who aren't gamers will also find items of interest.)  If this together with the C&C article isn't a toe in the water, then I'll be shocked.

So in addition to the inherent value of flavor and inspirational text (and art!) to Old School gamers, I would take this as a moment to be seized for those looking to spread the Old School love.  Go comment on Steve's post at KQ.  Look into submissions for the quarterly.  Even if your query was accepted to the KQ blog first, I know folks who started with blog publications and then went on to have things published in the quarterly and even in separate Open Design publications.  I know as a subscriber, I'd love to see things published for OS simulacra and evolved retro-games.

PS.  Steve, what's up with the OSR Croc?   I love it, but I feel like I'm missing a reference or something.


  1. Just a heads up, DriveThruRPF is running their Christmas in July sale, so you can pick up those missing back issues of Kobold Quarterly are now 25% off through July 30th.

  2. According to Steve's blog it is a gator, as in OSR aggregator.

    1. Correct. I have the habit (I refuse to call it bad) of making jokes that amuse the heck of me but make no sense to anyone else.

    2. I thought it was amusing. So at least there are two of us. :)

  3. Haha! OSR AggreGATOR. Now I get it. Of course, the fact that it is clearly an illustration of a crocodile excuses my failure. :}