Sunday, July 8, 2012

PaizoCon 2012 Banquet Stuff VIII

Fun stuff from the future! Presented by Erik Mona and Space Amiri. First up is the plush goblin, with different outfits and such. Next is the Pathfinder Comic Book, created by Jim Zubkavich and a slew of cover artists. The comic book will be available as a subscription, which comes with a bag and board and features exclusive cover art (first issue has a cover illustration by Tyler Walpole). Each comic book will have a PFRPG encounter. Neeeeext, the upcoming Pathfinder Battles set (releasing roughly Jan. 2013) will tie in to the Shattered Star AP. It will have 55 minis, only Large, Medium, and Small figures. Amiri, everyone's favorite Lem (named after Lemmy), Sheila Hindmarch, Oriana (Grey Maiden) are the iconics featured in the set.

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