Thursday, July 12, 2012

PaizoCon 2012 Picture Gallery

The Gaming Room

The Store - A place of great evil and low Will saves.

Mike Welham - RPG Superstar 2012

Patrick Curtin - my roomie

Oh Jeremy.....

So evil, I had to show it twice.

That Mona fella - he sure is shifty looking.

Holger and his fiance Sabine

Mmmm...zombie chess

Soooo shiny.....

All hail our Digital Overlord

Holger with Richard Pett and Dave Gross

COSMO!  He's really certain I won't be back next year.  Something about "delete"....

Jess - mere hours before I nearly killed her PC.

Mike was serious about immersing himself in the Catfolk role.

Teter Tot!

Mike, Pat, Holger, Tom, and Tom's sons.

Steve (TOZ) and his wife Shana.


  1. I look goofier than usual. Must be the lack of sleep.