Friday, July 6, 2012

Pathfinder Adventure Path Seminar

A Report from PaizoCon 2012

Panel Participants:
James Jacobs - Creative Director
Wes Schneider - EIC, Paizo Publishing
Adam Daigle - Developer (non-adventure)
Rob McCreary - Developer (adventure)

Lots of exciting reveals at this panel: Shattered Star AP - Launching at GenCon. A look back at the beginnings of Paizo. A sequel to Rise of the Runelords, Curse of the Crimson Throne, and Second Darkness. Deliberately advancing the timeline of Golarion with the events of the previous adventure paths having already taken place. Grey Maidens (from CotCT) will get more development. This AP is more of a dungeon/artifact quest. Seven parts of a sihedron are split up and the party looks dungeons to find all the pieces. Splits the difference between the pro- and anti-megadungeon demands, with 6 large dungeons. The first dungeon is in Magnimar (Irespan), the second dungeon is in a Statue of Liberty type colossus (shard of lust, features enchantment effects), Kaer Maga is the third dungeon, the fourth dungeon is Windsong Abbey, the fifth dungeon is in a tower touching on Leng, and the final dungeon is the city of Xin--the first city built in Thassilon.

Back matter articles - Grey Maidens, the sihedron, the seven skymetals, short encounters in Magnimar, gazetteer of Leng (written by Greg Vaughn), the nightgaunt (by James Jacobs) and other Lovecraftian monsters cut from Carrion Crown, features on the Runelords (by Rob McCreary).

The next adventure path - Yep, Baba Yaga returns in the Reign of Winter Adventure Path. Winter will be a big theme (someone made a "winter is coming" reference). The adventure path kicks off with "The Snows of Summer" in Taldor, where unseasonably cold weather appears. The queen of Irrisen, Elvanna, does not want to relinquish her throne. The adventure moves to Irrisen, and the PCs will get to play with Baba Yaga's Hut. The second and subsequent titles are: "The Shackled Hut", "Maiden, Mother, Crone" (Iobara), "The Frozen Stars" (Triaxus!), "Rasputin Must Die", "The Witch Queen's Revenge".

The AP that debuts after GenCon 2013, after Reign of Winter, will be revealed at GenCon 2012. :(

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  1. Awesome!!! But if anyone read Lost Empires they could have predicted the final location in Shattered Star, in the Thassilon section and I quote. Artifacts the Sihedron was an artifact held by emperor Xin himself, after his death was seperated by the treacherous runelords because that Xin had placed a curse on it. In fact if all 7 pieces are ever united then emperor Xin would return....... Mwahahahahaha!!!!