Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hey, I still do stuff!

I can never thank Mike enough for keeping the blog alive with his creative and hard work. If anyone ever wonders what I, Theodric, AKA Dr. Obscure am up to, I have still been gaming after my relocation to Appalachia. I was in a PF game online for somewhere between nine months and a year. I found playing a Magus fun (in spite of my ongoing objections to the class's name), and was reminded how much PF really depends on the GM to keep combat from lagging. For part of that same time, I got together a S&W game in my basement, but some of the players were less-than-committed, and when I got a job after six months or so, we couldn't work out the time for the remaining two players.

I pretty quickly got together an awesome group on campus, however (now moved into my new place because of scheduling and -- let's face it, who wants all the minis and other supporting paraphernalia to go to waste?) and now have one of the best groups I've ever had. The group is mixed faculty, staff, and students, and has the first female majority of any group I've ever been in. It also has the widest age range of any group I've ever been in outside of a convention.

I made a website specifically to support that group, and very cleverly chose to try out Weebly for the group's website. This of course means no one will ever find it using a search engine. But if you're interested in keeping up with my group's adventures, I update that blog regularly.

Presenting The Scar Barrow...

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