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Calendar Creation for Fantasy Settings II

This is a follow-up to my first post about calendar creation. Below a bit fuller version of the calendar I introduced before.  My basing it on our earthly calendar, while trying to sand off some of the rough edges of forcing a solar year (360 days) together with lunar months (or 30 days) probably still has some issues I haven't caught as I translated our system to a more perfect (convenient) solar system.  Sorry for the ugliness of format.  I've done what I can to minimize it, but copying and pasting into Blogger is a trial.  Noted below are holidays, observances, and unholy days.


    1            New Year    Celebrating the Creation or the Ordering of Creation    (This day is the day of the world's perihelion, that is, it is closest to the Sun in its orbit.)

    14/15   Genies' Ball - Celebrates the cooperation of the majority of geniekind in the crafting of the world and in containing the rebellion of the Efreet. 


    1            Day of Preparation

    2            Day of Infant Dedications, Blessing Lights, Night of Purifying Lights

    13/14    Bonfire Night followed by Day of Incense

    14/15    Hallowing of Graves (Nights of the Full Moon)

    ~28-30 (Days of the Dark Moon)    The Purification of Women


    1            Festival of the Fleet (celebrated by foot races, horse races)

    4            The Death of Gax Longspear

    7            Festival of the Shaft (Archery, Javelin toss)

    14          Festival of the Fist (Boxing and Wrestling)

    ~20/21 Vernal Equinox    Celebrating Pelor's Ascendency over Hextor

    28          Manhood Day (Coming-of-Age)


    1            The Day of Calling (Celebrated by dousing things & people with water, playing of percussion.)

    7            The Death of Arne the Beloved

    14/15    ?

    30/1     Sequestration of the Pre-Maidens


    1           Parade of the Maidens  (Among the tolk, this is done to honor Kora.  In Miżraim, it centers on Anqet and follows celebration of the inundation of the River Satet.) 


    1           Early Harvest Festival (Early growth plants displayed, prepared, and consumed in Garden Parties and Evening Banquets)

    7           Manifestation of Yondalla

    14         Trooping of the Tolk

    ~20/21  Summer Soltice    Dances held in Taiia's honor (92 days after the Vernal Equinox, 243 days until the next VE)

{Fortnight of the Shalm's Hunt (last week of Jondallanth, first week of Jeironeonth.} 


    9           Heironeous' Birthday (Days in-between are time of final preparation of candidates before their knighting)

    19         Apotheosis of Heironeous


    The Urromite (and Drachandian) festivals are not celebrated outside of their realms.  Local countries or cultures may have their own festivals in this month.  In areas that used to fall under Urromite domination, the month if often a time of elections, enthronements, and other political activities.  The end of the month for them is often a time of freedom festivals, burning imperial effigies, and celebrating liberation/independence. 


    14/15       Olidammara's Revels for Bahamut
    ~22/23    Autumnal Equinox    Pelor's & Bahamut's Obeisance   (94 days after the Summer Soltice)

    ~28-30   (Days of the Dark Moon)    Festivals of Usaht and Tiamat 


     This month is sacred to followers of Orcus, the Lady of Pain, Gruumsh, and also those of Hecate.

    1              Abduction of Kora    (In many cultures, this day is a day of mourning among maidens.  Among the tolk, it is a day of mourning for all mothers.)

    ~28-30  (Days of the Dark Moon)    Days of the Dark Horde, also Hecamass

    30           Many cultures burn effigies of Orcus on this day. 


(Dates in this color are the Ancient Miżraim observances and have no universal application.  They could be important for an adventure, though.) 

      This month is sacred to followers of Nerull and Charon.  It is also the month that followers of Set undertake crusades.

    1-14       Days of Embalming

    14/15     Day of Entombment, followed by week of standing guard    Harvest Home Festival aka the Harvest Moon: celebrates the end of late harvest & stocking for winter.

    21           Decoration, Stocking, Sealing of Tombs

    28           Offerings to Dead, Dark Moon of Necrember: Death of Obad-Hai, ritual observed 7 following days.

    30           Celebration of the Dead's Exaltation 


    ~21/22    Winter Solstice     Prophecy Day ( or "Nativity of Hope")   The Festival lasts until New Year's morning,  thus lasting approximately 10 days, depending on the way the solar year falls.  In some cultures, the festival continues throughout the entire intercalary month as well every sixth year. 

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