Thursday, October 13, 2011

Found in Time Capsule from 1982!

Through a mishap in my youth, I believed that I had lost all of my original D&D paraphernalia: books, dice, papers, the whole shebang.  In the past couple of months, I have been helping to clear the last of the things out of the old family house as my dad was getting it ready for market.  In the attic of my childhood room, I found five of the above miniatures.  Then, the last time I went over there, I was going through a bin of historical soldiers while sorting for a garage sale and found four more.  Two, unfortunately, appear to have suffered some kind of corrosion.  Otherwise, the halfing's dagger is bent, one of the wizard's wands is bent, and the pole armor the knight is wielding is supposed to terminate in a spiked ball and chain (how did Gary miss that one?!).  Amazingly, I had forgotten that I had ever bought any miniatures, since we never played with them.  This is a Grenadier set from 1982 (a year after I started playing).  I can't help but wonder if the set wasn't originally 10 and one got lost at some point.  In any event, it sure would be nice to repair, paint, and use these after all these years!  Like Chesterton said, I look at them and feel like Robinson Crusoe. 

Note: This is the best picture I can get right now, since my camera battery is dead.  I will replace it once recharging is complete.


  1. Wow, totally old school. Some of those figures are pretty zany looking to modern eye, though the bagpiper totally makes me smile.

    Great find, enjoy!

  2. Nice find! Grenadier 2013, Adventuring Party, I still have those myself (in varying stages of bustitude and decay).

    Scale issues aside, the level of detail compared with previous Grenadier releases at the time sticks out in my mind. I think most, if not all, of those are Julie Guthrie sculpts.

  3. You win commenter of the day, Sea of Stars. I defy someone to look at that and tell me they don't want to play a bard, now!

  4. Wow. B.G. pulled off an upset tie! Now I know a lot more about the set, including which one I am missing. Thanks!

  5. Somehow, the link failed to post, so I will just do it the ugly way: